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Edwin Jagger DE 8911 Razor - Chrome Plated w/ Knurled Ball Foot
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Edwin Jagger DE 8911 Razor - Chrome Plated

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Edwin Jagger DE 8911 Razor - Chrome Plated
Part Number: 02-EJ-DE89-11
Availability: In Stock.
The Edwin Jagger Diffusion Range is a lovely fruition of classic sensibility coupled with contemporary design.
The DE89-11 is provided with the new Edwin Jagger, beautifully chrome plated,advanced design, three piece head to give a smooth, comfortable, practically effortless shave.
This new, closed comb head has excited a lot of interest among experienced wet-shavers.
The handle is chrome plated. Mated with the impeccably polished and buffed chrome plated head, the result is truly stunning.
The Edwin Jagger name is imprinted around the collar of the razor.
This razor is slightly heavier than the DE89 with the weight shifted toward the head and the ball at the foot of the razor is knurled which provides a good grip point as well as being a nice design touch.
Load your favorite double edge blade and enjoy a truly gourmet shaving experience.
This beautifully balanced razor runs 3 3/4" in overall length and boasts a weight of 2.65 ounces.
Made in Sheffield, England.

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