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Edwin Jagger DE3D14bl Safety Razor - 3D Laser Diamond
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Edwin Jagger - Diffusion DE3D14bl - 3D Laser

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Edwin Jagger - Diffusion DE3D14bl - 3D Laser
Part Number: EJ_DE3D14bl
Availability: In Stock.

Edwin Jagger DE3D14bl double edge safety razor - 3D laser knurled "extra grip" handle.

The Edwin Jagger Diffusion Range is a lovely fruition of classic sensibility coupled with contemporary design.

The DE3D14 is provided with the new Edwin Jagger, beautifully chrome plated,advanced design, three peice head to give a smooth, comfortable, practically effortless shave.

This new, closed comb head has excited a lot of interest among experienced wet-shavers.

The chrome handle is a stunning 3D - laser knurled, extra grip beauty ! Mated with the impeccably polished and buffed chrome plated head, the result is beautiful study in design and contrast.

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