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Edwin Jagger - RN1 Porcelain Shave Bowl
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Edwin Jagger - RN1 Porcelain Shave Bowl

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The Edwin Jagger Ebony Porcelain Shaving Bowl brings old world style to your shaving routine, pairing perfectly with your favorite shaving soap and shaving brush. Favored by wet shaving enthusiasts, this Edwin Jagger shaving bowl is a handsome addition to any bathroom.

To best use this shaving bowl, simply fill it with your favorite shaving soap, then dip your shaving brush in hot water, shake off the excess, and use the brush to work up a rich lather which is then applied to facial hair in a circular motion. The combination of the shaving soap, the hot water and the bristles of the brush will massage, soften and lift beard hair, resulting in a smooth, clean, comfortable shave.

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