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Omega - 10051 Yellow Boar Brush
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Omega - 10051 Yellow Boar Brush

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This handsome shaving brush from Omega in Bologna Italy contains 100% natural boar bristle hair. Boar bristle is most often the choice of those who desire the greatest scrubbing action from their brush. Superb for its exfoliating properties, boar bristle remains the most popular alternative to badger hair. Comfortable, easy grip chunky handle made of high impact plastic. Use the drop-down menu below to select from: Orange, Green, Yellow. 

Brush measurements [approximate]:
- Handle height = 42mm (1.65")
- Hair height = 51mm (2.01")
- Total height = 93mm (3.66")
- Knot size [hair diameter at base] = 23mm (0.91")
- Grip ring [narrow part of handle] = 30mm (1.18")

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