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Pinaud - Clubman Finest Talc - 9 oz-PinaudGreenTalc
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Pinaud - Clubman Finest Talc - 9 oz

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Clubman Pinaud Finest TalcClubman Pinaud Talc Powder, from a company that has existed since 1810 and they make the finest talc for men. Talc is a mineral found in nature and it is the original deodorant and anti-perspirant. This product is a substitute for those who seek a natural solution to perspiration.
  • Micro fine powder
  • Absorbs moisture and oil for odor prevention
  • Stops wetness and dampness anywhere on the skin
  • Protects against chafing
  • Blended with zinc oxide for maximum dryness
  • This is a trusted brand for quite a few years and helps in controlling perspiration.

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