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Vulfix 375s - Super Badger Shaving Brush-Vulfix375s
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Vulfix 375s - Super Badger Shaving Brush

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The Vulfix 375 Super Badger Shaving Brush, has the advantage of being handmade from premium selected badger hair. On top of this the stylish lathe turned handle and the Ivory finish make for a superb addition to your shaving cabinet. Hand polished for your satisfaction. 

Vulfix Old Original shaving brushes are eagerly sought after by intelligent traditional shavers as the company has never deviated from the highest standards throughout more than 50 years of quality crafting. Most steps are still completed by hand, artisans at the ready to ensure each brush is truly the best. We assembled a varied listing of Vulfixes in our online shaving boutique for your consideration and await your decision for the shave of your life. 

Overall height: 100 mm 
Handle height: 51 mm 
Knot diameter: 22 mm 
Made in England, Isle of Man.

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